0% Financing at The Mattress Factory

We had some fun here at The Mattress Factory in New Jersey recently, not JUST jumping on the beds, but as it relates to actual work.  And really, it’s an important extension of work in this case – coffee!  We’re coffee lovers here as are many of our readers.  So, to bring the conversation full circle we decided to compare the cost of the two on a very scientific scale – cost.

And here’s what we came up with….

Coffee vs. mattress infographic

Now, to be fair, the coffee cup prices are rough estimates but let’s be honest, some folks easily spend $4+ on a super mocha caramel low fat latte daily.  On the other side of the coin, notice that we referenced a top of line Mattress Factory bed.  We have a wide variety of options under that price, just image the stack of dollar bill differential on a $1000 bed!

Of course, more important than our cartoony infographic is that we now offer 0% financing for up to 12 months on the purchase of your new bed! As you can see by the graph, our beds last AT LEAST 10 years so with a year to pay for it, you can be comfortable knowing it’ll be around for years to come!

P.S.  How could you say no to $0.83 a day for a glorious Mattress Factory mattress?!

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