A Mattress for Every Street in Westfield

A Mattress for Every street in WestfieldAt The Mattress Factory, our goal is to sell more than just a mattress, we’re selling SLEEP.  Though a mattress is the end result, we want our customers to wake up feeling rested and happy.  We’ve all had a miserable night’s sleep and believe that there’s nothing worse.  Aside from feeling rested, the benefits of good, deep sleep are scientifically proven to improve your health.  According to this ABC News article,

…researchers from the University of Chicago found that those who bumped up their hours of sleep, from 6 to 7 hours had a 33 percent decreased chance of having clogged arteries.

“Ok” you’re thinking, “so I need some sleep, but why should I go to The Mattress Factory to find it?”  Well, if you live in Westfield, NJ you can ask someone on your street why.  This might sound crazy but we’ve delivered a mattress to every single street in the town of Westfield.  Don’t worry, we double checked our records. And if you don’t live there, here are some notes we’ve received from our customers in surrounding towns.



“Just to let you know, 34 years ago you made up for me a crib mattress (which still gets used now and then).  Since then, I have purchased from The Mattress Factory:

  •      2 Full size mattresses & box springs
  •      2 Queen size mattresses & box springs
  •      2 Twin size mattresses & box springs

And all are still good as new.  I wouldn’t think of purchasing a mattress anywhere else.  Your quality has proven itself over these many years.  Your mattress and box spring construction is superior.”

Most gratefully,
Virginia L.

“My new mattress is excellent! The service was prompt and efficient…I was coming from Newark and it was a little out of the way…I would recommend you to anyone who needs a new mattress.”

Mr. Denis K.

“Although I’ve had a busy summer and haven’t slept two weeks straight on my new bed, I definitely feel the benefits.
I’ve gone to bed feeling sore and aching many nights and wake up without the pain and feel like I’ve had a good night’s sleep.

So, thank you again for working with me to get the mattress I needed for optimum health.”

Denise C.

“When I rested on the mattress for the first time, I felt like I was in PARADISE and fell fast asleep!”

Marion H.

Photo credit: Mozzer502 via photopin cc

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