All Latex Mattresses Are Not Created Equal

All Latex Is Not Created EqualLatex foam is a rubber product used to create a high end mattress with no pressure points.  There are several different kinds of latex available and it is important to know what you are getting when you buy a “latex mattress”.


First, a brief word about “synthetic” or “blended” latex:   Both of these are man-made products created by blending latex with other materials to create an inexpensive, inferior alternative.


We don’t use those at Shovlin Mattress.  At all.  Ever.


Now, there are two types of NATURAL latex that are used in the bedding industry:  Talalay and Dunlop. Those words are terms used to describe the process used to create the latex product.


In the Dunlop process, the latex is poured into a mold and allowed to settle before baking, creating a more dense feel and is indeed more dense on the bottom.  This allows a film to form on the top, trapping small amounts of air which can create a hot sleeping surface.  It has fewer steps and is less costly.


We don’t use this either.  Ever.


In the Talalay process, the latex is introduced into a mold that has been vacuumed of air so that it evenly fills the mold, then it is flash frozen to stabilize the cell structure. CO2 is introduced and then the mold is heated to cure the rubber, in order to create ideal consistency.


This is the only one we use.  Why?


Talalay is a superior product.  It is consistent and available in a complete range of firmnesses.  We make our beds by hand and we want our clients to receive exactly what they are feeling in the showroom.  With Dunlop, there is too much inconsistency in the product to guarantee that.


To illustrate this, let me share a little about ILD or Indentation Load Deflection which refers to the firmness of the latex.  Talalay ILD is consistent throughout the mattress and has a wide range of ILDs available, so you are able to choose your firmness.  Dunlop doesn’t really have an ILD because it is not a consistent foam.  Basically you get what you get.


Here’s something interesting.  In reviewing bedding store websites that have a page explaining the difference between the two, most either said that neither one was superior, or actually claimed that Dunlop was the preferred choice for one reason or another (because most manufacturers, if they’re not using Blended or Synthetic, use either all Dunlop or a Dunlop core with a Talalay top).  However, you’ll also notice that in an advertisement you will never see the word Dunlop (or synthetic or blended), but will often see the word Talalay if there is even a drop of Talalay in the mattress.


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