Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

Benefits of Adjustable BedsYou may have seen commercials touting the benefits of an adjustable bed but what’s the real story? Do they actually provide an improved night of sleep? The general idea is to provide a mattress that offers more comfort and functionality than a standard bed by allowing for more positions to sleep in. So, let’s take a look at the potential benefit to sleeping on an adjustable bed.

Health Benefits

Waking up at night with body pain – lower back, neck, muscle aches – is not uncommon and can be attributed to an unsupportive mattress. Pressure points are common on flat surfaces, like an innerspring mattress, and can do a number on your shoulders, hips and other parts of the body that are in contact with your bed. This can lead to reduced circulation resulting in the thrashing around and sleepless sleep we’ve all experienced.

An adjustable bed allows you to customize the position of the bed to alleviate your specific areas of discomfort. For instance, a neutral position with the feet and head slightly elevated will redistribute your weight and eliminate pressure points. Sleeping in this position also removes strain from the lower back to ease underlying tension and pain.

You can also alleviate everything from heart burn and sleep apnea to swollen legs and snoring. Slightly elevating the head of the bed has been proven to reduce both snoring and apnea. With an adjustable bed, simply pushing a button can help give you and your significant other a good night of sleep. As for heart burn, instead of contorting yourself into a recliner with pillows and other props, think of how an adjustable bed would accomplish the same without leaving you sore and cramped the next morning.

Lifestyle Benefits

Now let’s say your mattress needs lean more towards an improved lifestyle. There are so many here to discuss that we’ll go with a bulleted list.

– Watching television, reading, and eating in bed is easier
– You can enjoy a massage while falling asleep
– Ability to work comfortably in bed
– Makes getting out of bed easy, which is particularly useful for those with limited mobility    who don’t want that institutional appearance
– A deeper night’s sleep allows you to wake up feeling energized
– The convenience of precise control over sleep positions means no more pillows or  wedges for support
– With split bases, couples can adjust based on their preferences without disturbing one  another

So, when you’re ready to buy a mattress, we highly recommend considering an adjustable bed. Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy life. Make sure you’re giving yourself the opportunity of the best night’s sleep you can.

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