Never Get Burned Again

Ron-ShovlinLiveChatHave you ever spent good money on a new mattress only to regret it later? Ever felt burned after buying from a brand name mattress company? Does disappointment ruin your excitement about a new bed to sleep on? We’re sorry to hear that. But know that we’re here to help.


Now of course you’re guessing we’re going to list all the reasons why this won’t happen here at Shovlin Mattress Factory. And you’re right. But it won’t be the usual empty sounding guarantees you’ve heard from our competitors at the big box stores. Why? Because we’re your neighbor. Our kids play baseball with your kids. We go out to dinner where you go out to dinner.


So if our promises of a killer mattress that you’ll have for ten years sound like nonsense, you’ll be able to come tell us. And by us, I mean me – Ron Shovlin – the owner, the guy with his name on the sign out front. I stand behind our products because I’m the one making them. Notice the word Factory in our name? It’s there because we produce the mattresses right behind the showroom.

We’ve been doing this, as a family, for 40 years. We’ve been living in your community for longer than that. So you can rest assured, pun intended, that our guarantees are not empty. Our statements are true. When you buy a mattress from Shovlin Mattress Factory, you’ll wake up every morning with the same smile you went to sleep with.

Flippable Mattress vs. Non-Flippable

One of the most frequent questions we receive here at Shovlin Mattress Factory is “Do you still make a 2 sided flippable mattress?” Apparently, the big name brands have done away with this mattress style.  Which is a shame because it means you can’t flip theirs.

Turns our there are quite a few other reasons their 1 sided mattress fails. Rather than just write out all the differences between our Flippable 2 sided mattress and the name brand Non-Flippable 1 sided mattress, we decided on a more visual approach.  Hope you like it!

Shovlin Mattress Comparison

The Mattress Dictionary

The Mattress DictionaryThere are a lot of terms thrown around in the mattress industry. So we thought a starter mattress dictionary with those we get the most questions on would be helpful. Let us know if you’d like to see others!

Bio-Based Foam
A flexible foam in which a portion of the petroleum-derived polyols has been replaced with plant based oils such as soy, castor, canola, rapeseed, sunflower or palm. This content typically ranges from 5% to 20% of the total polyols in the foam.

A knotted, round top, hourglass-shaped steel wire coil.  When laced together with cross wire helicals, these coils form the most basic innerspring unit.  The finished unit is also referred to as a Bonnell.

Coil Count
The number of coils in an innerspring unit. When specifying an innerspring unit, the coil count is usually designated by the number of coils in a full-size unit of that model or series. Example: a “312 Bonnell” innerspring has 312 coils in the full-size and proportionately larger numbers in the queen and king.

Continuous Coils
An innerspring configuration in which the rows of coils are formed from a single, continuous piece of wire.

Convoluted Foam
Foam that is specially cut to produce a surface with dimples, available in a variety of shapes including egg carton-like designs, waves, squares or sharply defined points.

A measurement of the mass per unit volume, measured and expressed in pounds per cubic foot (pcf) or kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m3). Foams are most often discussed in terms of their density.

A tightly coiled, elongated wire used to join individual coils to each other in an innerspring unit.

Coils that taper inward from top to middle and outward from middle to bottom, resembling an hourglass in shape. They are typically employed in Bonnell and offset coil designs.

Latex Foam
A flexible foam created from a water dispersion of rubber, either from the rubber tree (natural latex) or a manufactured product (synthetic latex) or a combination of the two. Latex foams are not chemically related to polyurethanes.

An unknotted offset coil with a cylindrical or columnar shape. An LFK innerspring unit is generally high coil count and uses high/thinner gauge wire.

Memory Foam
See Visco-Elastic.

Offset Coils
A coil design on which portions of the top and bottom convolutions have been flattened to facilitate hinging action between coils. Offset coils with unknotted wire at the top and bottom are called “open offset.”

Pocket Coil
A type of innerspring construction in which thin gauge, knotless coils are encased in fabric pockets. Also known as Marshall coils.

An indicator of the surface elasticity or “springiness” of foam, measured by dropping a steel ball onto a foam cushion and measuring how high the ball rebounds.

Wire Gauge
The diameter of the high-carbon steel wire that is used in innerspring constructions. Wire is typically furnished in 12.5 to 18 gauge for bedding industry applications. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire.

Tempered Steel
Steel for use in coil springs is treated with heat to reduce brittleness, a process employing electric charge, oven heat or both. The finished innerspring unit is also heat-tempered, or “stress relieved,” to restore original coil characteristics after assembly.

A common term for polyurethane foam but actually a misnomer. Urethane is a colorless, crystalline substance used primarily in medicines, pesticides and fungicides, not in the production of polyurethane foams.

Visco-Elastic Foam
Slow recovery polyurethane foams that are temperature-sensitive. They conform to body shape and, by doing so, increase the amount of surface area, reducing surface pressure. Also known as “memory foam.”

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Renaming to Shovlin Mattress Factory

The new Shovlin Mattress Factory logoThe Mattress Factory in Fanwood, NJ has always been a well-kept secret, but we’re looking to expand. To help make that happen, we’ve decided to re-brand.

But don’t worry, we’re still the same, reliable company with high-end products and quality customer service — only better.

In addition to mattresses, we’re now offering sleepy time accessories, such as sheets, aromatherapy, slippers, and duvets in our Nod Shoppe — a store within the store.

So why change the name?

Because we want to give even more people the gift of a great night’s sleep!

The name change is to make our mattresses more recognizable in stores, increasing brand awareness and encouraging more stores to offer our outstanding products.

Our quality and services remain the same, and we’re continuing to explore ways to make our mattresses even better with new product designs.

Shovlin Mattress Factory — Our family never compromises the quality of a good night’s sleep.

Pajama Program

Pajama Program

Shovlin Mattress Factory has partnered with Pajama Program as an official drop off location.  Their goal is to provide 1 Million Good Nights to children in need by December 31, 2015.

Pajama Program, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides New Pajamas and New Books to children in need. What makes for a good night? For most children, bedtime is a time of comfort, love and security. A time when children crave intimacy with their moms and dads, a few minutes of bonding and sharing in a safe, secure environment. But for the millions of children living in poverty in America, a good night is a luxury they do not often experience. The One Million Good Nights campaign will allow Pajama Program to essentially double its current capacity to distribute an additional one million new pajamas and one million new books to reach more children in need throughout the country.

Guest Bed Season

Guest BedIt happens every year… The week before Thanksgiving we get an influx of customers who need a guest bed, ASAP!  We know, we know, often we find ourselves with unexpected holiday company.  It happens.  Well, the holiday season isn’t over.  Take a few moments, before the season sweeps you away, to assess your guest accommodations.  Do you need a new guest bed?  If so, go ahead and take care of that now so you’re not scrambling at the last minute.  What about your own comfort?  Where does that fall in the grand scheme of things?  After all, you’re running the ship, you need to be at your best, especially this time of year.  Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.  Another idea is to get a new mattress for you and move your still decent mattress into the guest room.  Whatever you decide, be sure to make healthy rest a priority for you, and your guests this holiday season!

Latex or Memory Foam mattress?

Latex MattressThis is a question we get a lot at Shovlin Mattress Factory, usually with the assumption that memory foam is “better”.  And with all the hype provided by brand name marketing budgets surrounding memory foam, it’s no wonder.  Today, we’ll explain what it is about a latex mattress that makes it such a worthwhile option when you’re buying a mattress.

What is a latex mattress?

Specifically, we use Talalay latex in our mattresses.   It’s proven itself as the best latex on the market due to its longevity.  This type of latex has been in the industry for 40 years (unlike memory foam) and we’ve been selling it that entire time.

The term ‘Talalay’ refers to the process used to produce the latex.  It is an elaborate process that results in an extremely consistent mattress feel while adding longevity that will surpass any other mattress in the industry.  If you’d like the real knitty gritty on this process, check out the Wikipedia article here.

Why should I buy a latex mattress?

Latex is hypoallergenic, mildew resistant and safe for folks with latex allergies – due to the fact that the protein that typically causes the allergic reaction is removed when the latex is still in liquid form.  And compared to a traditional spring mattress, there is less motion transfer.  So, if the person in bed next to you is attempting to sleep walk or gets in bed after you’re asleep, you will not be disturbed.

How do I go about using a latex mattress?

Set it and forget it would pretty much cover that question.  Latex mattresses are maintenance free so NO flipping and NO rotating necessary.  That alone convinces most of our customers why this mattress is for them!

Who else is using latex mattresses?

Well, considering most Europeans sleep on latex mattresses, it would seem America is a bit late to the party.  But don’t worry; we’ve got one JUST for you!

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Mattress Mythbusters

SpringsWhen it comes to mattresses, we’ve heard it all here at Shovlin Mattress Factory.  Titanium springs, airflow chambers and tiny elf masseuses inside your mattress. Well, that last one is a stretch but the point is that there are some myths about mattresses that we’d like to discuss.

Titanium Springs

Lately, we’ve been hearing brand name mattresses being marketed as having “titanium springs.”  Which sounds pretty fancy and would be a great selling point were it 100% true or, 100% titanium as it were.

The fact is the spring supplier for this particular brand name company is the very same supplier we use at Shovlin Mattress Factory.  And though the springs we both use contain a percentage of titanium, they are not 100% titanium.

Cooling Gel

This is an interesting term thrown around as having benefits that we’re not very clear on.  This blue goo gets sold with the promise of keeping the mattress occupants cooler than normal.  But how does memory foam mixed with this secret formula keep a bed cooler?  Unless there’s some kind of refrigerant action going on that you can’t see, we’re not really sure.

By adding a percentage of gel to a brand name mattress made from foam, you’re reducing the total amount of foam used in the particular bed.  And with the complaints of said foam being too hot, perhaps the bed stays cooler simply because there’s less volume of foam per bed?

Airflow Chambers

Originally known as an egg crate, this feature promises the cooling effect of having open tunnels within your mattress – allowing air to flow freely, thereby cooling the mattress.  It claims to solve an air flow issue of older egg crate technology by basically squaring off the peaked tops of past designs.

Our question is; if you place a layer of channeled foam between two layers of a mattress, how does the longevity of the mattress NOT suffer – squared off or not?  We don’t know either.

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Not Just Custom Mattresses

Sleeping like a babyGiven the name of our company, The Mattress Factory, we find that our customers think of us a custom mattress store.  Is it the word ‘Factory’ that drives that perception?  We’re not sure but we’re here today to clarify this misconception.  Though we enjoy the custom mattress projects folks bring to us, it’s also important to remember that we sell ‘regular’ mattresses as well.  Of course, our version of ‘regular’ is actually defined as ‘the-most-incredible-mattress-you’ve-ever-slept-on’ but let’s not split hairs.

So if you need a basic twin mattress for a spare room, we’ve got that.

How about a fancier, pillow top full size mattress to keep you sleeping like a baby? Check.

But wait, you want latex king size mattress with a hypo-allergenic surface that you can set a glass of red wine on while jumping up and down WITHOUT spilling it? Yes, that too is one of our ‘regular’ mattresses.

When it’s time for you to replace or upgrade your current mattress, we hope you’ll think of The Mattress Factory.  Along with our ability to deliver the best quality ‘regular’ mattresses without the name brand upcharge, we also make our beds right here in New Jersey.  Call us, stop by or chat with us online, we’d love to hear from you!

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The Mattress Factory Goes Abroad

FlagsThe Mattress Factory may be a New Jersey company focused on products Made in America but did you know we’ve also got an international side?  Here’s a small list of exotic locales we’ve delivered our mattresses to:

– Sweden
– Russia
– Greece
– England
– West Africa
– Italy
– Netherlands


The delivery to Russia was 2 shipping containers full of our beds to assist a former local open their own store overseas.   Greece was also for a Jersey native making a move across the pond that needed just a single mattress.  But the delivery to West Africa was an 86” custom round mattress for a prince!  One can only imagine what a prince might need such a bed for…

So, to celebrate our overseas excursions, we’ve done a bit of highly educated translation of the word mattress to some of these foreign tongues.  Actually, this involved some Google translating and in the event we have butchered these translations or taken them out of context, please let us know!  Ok, here goes:

– Swedish – madrass
– Russian – spal’naya – this is actually bed, not mattress, but it’ll work!
– Greek – στρώμα – thank you Microsoft symbols
– England – can’t really figure out how to add a British accent to this blog post but we’re sure it’s awesome
– West Africa – on this one, the starting point was hard to find so we’ll just skip it for now
– Italy – letto – like Russian, this supposedly means bed, not mattress
– Netherlands – matras

There you have it, The Mattress Factory goes abroad.  If you speak any of the above languages and would like to correct us or give us a sentence incorporating the word, drop us a line!

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