Fire Department Mattresses

Fire Department MattressesToday, we wanted to share a great story we’ve been fortunate to be part of. It has to do with New Jersey’s Bravest – our local firemen, specifically fire department mattresses. If you didn’t know, most firehouses have a need for mattresses. Knowing that, you can imagine the requirements for a firehouse mattress are somewhat different than that of a retail customer. So, why do we work with so many local fire departments on this front?


Because we sell them affordable and comfortable, high quality, two-sided mattresses that last. This is a departure from the one-sided, low end mattresses that fail after two or three years, which is what many departments have purchased in the past.  Also, local fire departments like to support local business, which we are here at Shovlin Mattress Factory.


We build our mattresses right here in Fanwood, with all American made materials.  Plus, we’re easy to work with. We just want our firefighters to be happy and well-rested so they can do what they do best, which is protecting our communities.

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