Fun with the Nirvana Latex Mattress

At The Mattress Factory in Fanwood, NJ we believe that having fun with your job is an important part of running a successful company.  We’re serious when it comes to our mattresses.  In fact, our Nirvana Latex Mattress collection uses 6 inches of Talalay Latex – the highest grade of latex available.  You can read more about why this mattress is so impressive here.

But the other side of the coin, or mattress in this case, is having fun while we’re at it.  For instance, in this picture, you can see my kids doing what anyone with a showroom full of bouncy mattresses would do…

Family Fun at The Mattress Factory

…and this certainly isn’t limited to kids as proven by my wife flying through the air!

Flying across mattreses

To bring the atmosphere of fun we promote in our showroom, we’re planning a community event this spring to do nothing more than have some fun.  We’ve got some ideas in mind – mattress races, pool tournament and more – but what would you like to see?

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