Furniture Assist

The Mattress Factory Donates drivers and our delivery trucks with the help of Westfield Jaycees members to pickup donated household items and deliver them to the Furniture Assist warehouse in Kenilworth, NJ.

The Jaycee volunteers meet The Mattress Factory volunteers early on Sunday mornings. Furniture Assist supplies the donation addresses and in short order we have helped to furnish the homes of people facing hardships we all hope to never have to face.

Furniture Assist was established to provide furniture, appliances and other household items, free of charge, to families or individuals in need.

A need may include, but not be limited to, a previously homeless family or individual, trying to set up a new living arrangement, a financially challenged family or person, needing additional items for their home, a battered spouse establishing a new home, a medical emergency which creates a need or a need arising from a flood, fire, hurricane, tornado, earthquake or other disaster.

Furniture Assist takes donations of goods from individuals and organizations that have items they are looking to get rid of, yet are still in good useable condition. In turn, these items are made available to those in need.

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