I purchased a pillow top mattress that was delivered on Saturday to my new place. I wanted to begin by thanking your delivery guys for coming during the time frame that I was given. I had 4 separate deliveries that day and 2 of them were very late. The first night I slept on the mattress I thought it was the best mattress I have ever slept on, at first I thought maybe it was just because I was sooo tired from the move, after all, moving everything I had 3 flights up was exhausting. But as the week goes on I am getting the best sleep of my life, it’s definitely the best mattress I have slept on and I am in pharmaceutical sales so I travel a lot and have stayed in many hotels. I also wanted to thank you for the sales experience I had, I was dreading buying a mattress because I didn’t want to deal with the gimmicks and bargaining that I had dealt with in the past from a well known mattress retailer. They were almost like car salesmen, “buy a mattress and we will throw in a pillow, but only if you buy this one.” So thank you for the comfortable sales experience and most of all, my amazing mattress I truly love it! I am sure you will see me again!

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