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The Nirvana Mattress Collection provides you with up to 33% more pressure relief than conventional or memory foam bedding, cradling all body types with superior support. The Nirvana mattress boasts six inches of Talalay latex, combined with the best quality foam base available in order to provide unparalleled support and comfort.

Talalay latex provides a surface that is Hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. The Nirvana is a breathable mattress that dispenses body heat so you sleep cooler. Our Nirvana collection provides the highest quality and quantity of Talalay latex. No turning or flipping!


How Latex is Made

Step 1: Compounding

Natural latex is extracted from the tropical rubber tree in a way that is similar to tapping a maple tree for syrup. Natural and man-made latexes, soaps, and rubber curing agents are precisely mixed in a temperature controlled, stainless steel tank.

Step 2: Molding

The compound mix is whipped into a frothy liquid form and a robotic arm then injects the foamed liquid latex into an aluminum pin core mold. The pins create our unique aerated cell structure. The robotic systems distribute the mixture evenly to ensure consistency and final product density. The latex is chilled at -20 ° Fahrenheit.

Freezing (unique to the Talalay process) prevents particles from settling and ensures a consistent cell structure. Carbon dioxide is introduced to gel the latex. The mold is heated to 220º Fahrenheit to cure the core as it is baked into its final state.

Step 3: Washing

The latex core is removed from the mold and placed on a conveyor belt that carries it through a five stage fresh water rinsing. Five banks of 12 self-cleaning water jets wash away residual soaps, curing agents and proteins.

This vital step improves durability and comfort by removing residual soaps, curing agents, and proteins that could cause premature softening of the product.

Step 4: Drying & Quality Testing

The Mattress core is transported to a two lane dryer, which completes the curing process and removes any residual moisture. Once dry, every mattress core undergoes a rigorous nine-point pressure/firmness/consistency test to ensure all cores meet stringent quality standards with even density across the core.

Sleeping On

Talalay Latex

Latex instantaneously conforms to every curve and contour of your body to support your spine throughout the night. We further enhance this natural feature by adding softer layers of latex near the surface to reduce pressure without sacrificing support.

Latex mattresses offer you the ideal balance of comfort and support. This unique, naturally derived material dynamically responds to your every curve and contour to provide outstanding orthopedic support. It also alleviates sleep-disturbing areas of high pressure, so you sleep deeper and awake refreshed and ready for a new day

An Investment in Sound Sleep

The Nirvana Collection made with latex foam manufactured using the Talalay process is exceptionally durable and resilient. While a Nirvana Collection mattress can cost more than conventional innerspring mattresses, latex will support you longer, more comfortably night after night for years to come.

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