Mattresses Made in America

All mattresses are not created equal.

If someone is to buy a mattress from The Mattress Factory in Fanwood, NJ, odds are, it has not even been built yet.  There is not a warehouse with an enormous amount of inventory waiting to be pulled from; we custom build your mattress after you buy it.

The Mattress Factory ProductionMade in New Jersey

There are not too many places, or even industries, where someone can walk in and see something being built, but at The Mattress Factory we’ve been building mattresses locally for over 30 years.

Not only is it made right here in New Jersey; the mattresses are also built with all American raw materials.  When we say, “Made in America”, we mean it.  What you will get from The Mattress Factory is a great mattress that will support your budget, but more importantly, your lifestyle

Our sales team takes the time to find out what each individual is looking for in a mattress. Not everyone needs the most expensive mattress money can buy.  Every person has a different body type and different needs.  All of this is taken into consideration while working with our customers.


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