Never Get Burned Again

Ron-ShovlinLiveChatHave you ever spent good money on a new mattress only to regret it later? Ever felt burned after buying from a brand name mattress company? Does disappointment ruin your excitement about a new bed to sleep on? We’re sorry to hear that. But know that we’re here to help.


Now of course you’re guessing we’re going to list all the reasons why this won’t happen here at Shovlin Mattress Factory. And you’re right. But it won’t be the usual empty sounding guarantees you’ve heard from our competitors at the big box stores. Why? Because we’re your neighbor. Our kids play baseball with your kids. We go out to dinner where you go out to dinner.


So if our promises of a killer mattress that you’ll have for ten years sound like nonsense, you’ll be able to come tell us. And by us, I mean me – Ron Shovlin – the owner, the guy with his name on the sign out front. I stand behind our products because I’m the one making them. Notice the word Factory in our name? It’s there because we produce the mattresses right behind the showroom.

We’ve been doing this, as a family, for 40 years. We’ve been living in your community for longer than that. So you can rest assured, pun intended, that our guarantees are not empty. Our statements are true. When you buy a mattress from Shovlin Mattress Factory, you’ll wake up every morning with the same smile you went to sleep with.

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