Bedroom Furniture

At the Mattress Factory, we’re more than just mattresses. From iron bed frames, wicker bed frames, and cast aluminum bed frames to futons, high quality mattresses, and other mattress accessories—Mattress Factory gives you a lot more to sleep on! Not only do we offer customized, high-end mattresses backed with 30 years of experience, but we also provide valuable connections to industry-leading bed manufacturers. We build it, we deliver it, we back it 100%!

The Mattress Factory also carries a variety of bedding accessories including pillows, mattress pads, mattress protectors, futon covers, removable pillow tops, and occasional furniture.

Wesley Allen Bed Frames

Nothing compares to a Wesley Allen iron bed frame. Because Wesley Allen continues to lead the industry with its superior quality and aesthetically appealing designs. Choose from more than 100 different styles of iron bed frames and headboards, and 40 different hand-applied finishes.

Click here here to visit the Wesley Allen web site in order to see for yourself all that Wesley Allen has to offer in Iron beds. We offer delivery and set up of your Wesley Allen bed.

Fashion Bed Group

No two customers usually have the same needs in beds. With those tastes being so varied, our Fashion Bed Group aims to please everyone by offering selection, selection and even more selection!: daybeds, bunk beds, storage beds, futons, bedding, and bed frames.

If you’re in the market for a metal or wooden bed frame, Fashion Bed Group’s innovative and varied styles offer a quality and modern appeal. Its beds are manufactured using a wide choice of materials from brass and cast zinc to wood and wicker.

Click here to visit the Leggett and Platt web site in order to see for yourself all that Fashion Bed Group has to offer in beds. We offer delivery and set up of your Leggett and Platt Fashion Bed Group bed.

Kimberly Futons

Some customers want to go beyond the traditional bed. In many cases, a futon fills the bill. At Mattress Factory, not any futon will do. Kimberly Futons offers numerous high-quality futon frames, convertible futon frames, and mattresses.

A futon’s modern aesthetics and functionality combine the utility of a sofa with the comfort of a bed all in a single package. The Mattress Factory carries Kimberly Futons’ entire line of wooden and metal frames, and offers a varied selection of complimentary mattress covers and mattresses, specifically designed for futons.

Adjustable Beds

Combine the latest advances in sleep technology with the service and value of Mattress Factory. What have you got? The S-Cape Adjustable sleep system. It takes the world of beds above and beyond anything you can imagine. Now, you can experience sleep 21st century style.

The S-Cape Adjustable sleep system offers:

  • AC or DC motor system
  • Adjustable head and foot section
  • Safety comes first with the S-cape’s free-fall design feature that lowers the head and foot sections via gravity.
  • Automatic feature that positions the bed away from the wall.
  • Remote control operation via wireless communication. Raised keys that light up, making them easy to locate.
  • There are also several optional features, including: comfort “memory storage”, a one-touch flat position, a body massage, twin-wheel locking caster mobility, as well as various heights and intensities to choose from.


Wake up feeling refreshed and energized with RejuveNiteTM, the world’s finest Talalay Latex Pillows! A division of Latex International, RejuveniteTM uses only the finest cotton, luxurious down and exclusive latex materials to create products that feel uniquely resilient, plush and comfortable.


RejuveniteTM is dedicated to developing natural and healthy sleep solutions that enable you to wake up to better days.


Mattress Protectors

Unlike other waterproof protectors ours is breathable, allowing body heat to pass through it and provide a comfortable and cool sleep surface. This is imperative for Memory Foam beds that require body heat in order to conform to the curves of the human body.

The mattress protector is not only durable, but also thin enough that it does not change the comfort or feel of the mattress. Protecting a brand new mattress with our Mattress Protector will stop bacteria and dust mites from taking up residence in the mattress.