The Mattress Factory Helps Sandy Victims “Rest Ashore”

Mattress Delivery

The Mattress Factory has been a staple of this community for over 35 years, serving organizations such as Furniture Assist, Center for Hope Hospice and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey as well as many local youth sports organizations.

Living in this area, we have all felt some effects from hurricane Sandy.  The Mattress Factory is no different and we’ve been anxious to get involved in the recovery effort.  When the organization, Rebuild the Jersey Shore, a group dedicated to supporting the residents of the Tom’s River area, was looking for someone to become a drop zone for donations in a location north of the shore area, it was an easy commitment.

Currently The Mattress Factory is the dedicated drop zone for Union County and most of central and northern New Jersey.  Owner, Ron Shovlin says, “After the hurricane, my wife Kara and I asked ourselves, as many of us did, what can we do to help?  Using our factory space to collect donations was the first step, but we soon decided we wanted to use our products too.”

As luck would have it we were contacted by Hope for Highlands, an organization established to set up cooperative buying opportunities for several Jersey Shore communities, in order to help its residents rebuild.  Hope for Highlands is working with an existing nonprofit, Kavookjian Field and War Memorial Fund, to accept donations and manage them with the proper controls. This group, committed to contributing to the local economy, was looking to secure local businesses in this endeavor.  They hoped to find mattresses that were built in NJ, which of course led them to The Mattress Factory.

So far, we have delivered over 70 sets. “This was an opportunity for us to provide those folks, who had lost everything including their beds, with a great product that will contribute to their quality of life as they rebuild.”  As NJ rebuilds one thing seems clear, there is a renewed sense of pride in our state.  Our citizens and businesses have a renewed commitment to one another and that is a silver lining.  Or as Kara says, “that is Jersey Strong!”

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