Sleep Hygiene Tips Every Family Should Follow

Sleep Hygiene Tips Every Family Should Follow

It goes without saying that sleep is important. We know this, yet so many adults and teenagers fail to practice good sleep hygiene. They wake up feeling tired and unrested and wonder why, ignoring their irregular sleep schedule and uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Exercising proper sleep hygiene is the key to waking up energized and ready to conquer whatever the day may bring.

Know How Much Sleep You Need

There is no such thing as a “correct” number of hours of sleep. While the base recommendation varies depending on your age and medical health, adults in good health are advised to get around seven or seven and a half hours of sleep. This being said, don’t stress if you feel rested after only sleeping six hours, or if you feel better with a full eight-hour rest; what’s important is that you’re consistently fulfilling your body’s needs.

Have a Consistent Bedtime and Nighttime Routine

Your bedtime should be the grand finale to every day, not just the long ones. Having a daily nighttime routine as well as a consistent bedtime gives you the structure and peace of mind you need to sleep peacefully. Once you start this kind of habit, it becomes a soothing activity that you can do without thinking. Use your nighttime routine as an opportunity to settle down in preparation for sleep. It’s especially important that you maintain this schedule over the weekend to avoid any setbacks come Monday.

Keep Your Room Comfortable

Having a comfortable setting is crucial to drifting off into sleep sooner. Make sure that the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold. Keep the room quiet and put all electronics away. As tempting as it may be to whip out your phone right before going to sleep, this can delay your bedtime and trick your mind into thinking that it’s still daytime. The issue with cell phone usage before bedtime is that they all use blue light, the strongest wavelength of light, and their multiple apps can easily find ways to keep you engaged. You should avoid using electronics within an hour of going to sleep.

Dedicate Your Bed to Sleep

Associating your bed with sleep, and nothing else, is far more beneficial than you may think. Once your brain makes the subconscious connection, it is far easier to go right to sleep after laying down. Keep your bed clean, comfortable and free from clutter. Avoid doing work or going on electronics while laying down. Your bed should be an oasis you can retire to after a long day–free from stress and complications.

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