Sleep Positions

What’s Your Favorite Position?

Sleep Positions

While sleeping, of course, we tend to have a favorite position. Which one are you and what does it say about your personality? According to the Better Sleep Council, there are six basic sleeping positions. In order of most common to least common, they are the Fetus, Log, Yearner, Soldier, Freefall and Starfish. Basically each position is some variation of side, back or stomach sleeping. Which on is the best?

Well according to sleep specialists, side sleeping is the best position for the most restful sleep, ideally with the knees slightly bent. You can even put a pillow between your knees for support if you have a bad back.

If you are a back sleeper you can be at risk for things like, low back pain, snoring, or sleep apnea. But if this is your favorite, using a pillow under the knees can help align the spine and slightly elevating the head can alleviate the snoring.

Stomach sleeping is not recommended as it can cause strain on the lower back and neck pain. However it can aid in digestion. If this is the way you like it, try a soft pillow, or none at all.

So, what’s your favorite position?

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