The Mattress Factory Goes Abroad

FlagsThe Mattress Factory may be a New Jersey company focused on products Made in America but did you know we’ve also got an international side?  Here’s a small list of exotic locales we’ve delivered our mattresses to:

– Sweden
– Russia
– Greece
– England
– West Africa
– Italy
– Netherlands


The delivery to Russia was 2 shipping containers full of our beds to assist a former local open their own store overseas.   Greece was also for a Jersey native making a move across the pond that needed just a single mattress.  But the delivery to West Africa was an 86” custom round mattress for a prince!  One can only imagine what a prince might need such a bed for…

So, to celebrate our overseas excursions, we’ve done a bit of highly educated translation of the word mattress to some of these foreign tongues.  Actually, this involved some Google translating and in the event we have butchered these translations or taken them out of context, please let us know!  Ok, here goes:

– Swedish – madrass
– Russian – spal’naya – this is actually bed, not mattress, but it’ll work!
– Greek – στρώμα – thank you Microsoft symbols
– England – can’t really figure out how to add a British accent to this blog post but we’re sure it’s awesome
– West Africa – on this one, the starting point was hard to find so we’ll just skip it for now
– Italy – letto – like Russian, this supposedly means bed, not mattress
– Netherlands – matras

There you have it, The Mattress Factory goes abroad.  If you speak any of the above languages and would like to correct us or give us a sentence incorporating the word, drop us a line!

Photo credit: tamaradulva via photopin cc

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