What’s In Your Innerspring Mattress?

InnerspringWhat’s in your innerspring mattress?  Well, in a Shovlin Mattress Factory mattress – it’s the best innerspring system in the industry.  Those in the industry refer to it, the 368 Double Offset Coil, as “the workhorse of the industry”.

What makes this innerspring coil a workhorse?


**It’s a 12 1/2 gauge steel coil (a lower number means a heavier the gauge). Most current manufacturers use a 15 or 16 gauge.

**It has 6 “turns” in the coil (the more turns the stronger the coil) while others have 5.

**The coil is tapered (an hourglass shape prevents shifting and flexes to contour to the body) whereas most others are round.

**Plus, we add a Double M Edge Guard (which supports the sides for sitting), others simply do not.


An “old school mattress guy” is someone who has been in the industry for a long time, and who has been in the business of building mattresses himself.  You know, someone like me. From time to time one of those guys will stop into our factory and when they see the racks of 368 coils, the normal response is “OOOOH!” Then, they’ll comment on how much they love them but that no one uses them anymore.  Kind of like when your parents lament about cars, or houses, or anything built before 1970.  It’s true.  Pretty much no one uses them anymore.

Thirty years ago, the big S mattress manufacturers all used the 368 coil in their best beds. Not today.  But we do.  We use it in 8 of our 9 mattresses, only our very starting quality bed uses a different spring (which still uses a better quality coil than big S’s best beds).  Why do we still use it when everyone else has cut costs and gone to a cheaper spring?  For the same reason we do everything better. We simply don’t mess around with anything less than the best components.  For us, it’s not worth the savings.  We love mattresses.  Really we do.  That’s why we do this for a living. We aim to create the ultimate 8 hour experience for our clients.

Oh and P.S.  There is only ONE major supplier of innerspring units in this country.  All mattress manufactures, big and small, buy our preferred qualities from them.  The metal used in these springs is the same across the board.  Which means our spring units also have a negligible amount of Titanium in them.  We’re just not comfortable calling it a Titanium Alloy.  Food for thought.

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