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A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Bedding Needs

We’re more than just superior quality mattresses - our beds & accessories have a reputation too. Stop by to see our product offerings, including: adjustable bed frames, iron bed frames, mattress pads, pillows, removable pillowtops, and sheets.

Adjustable Bed Frames

The Leggett and Platt Adjustable Bed Collection

Experience luxury like never before & elevate your personal comfort (literally!)

Adjustable bed frames allow you to experience the latest advances in sleep technology. With the touch of a button your bed adapts to your desired position allowing you to read in bed, watch movies with the whole family, and even experience more comfortable pillow talk! As if that's not dreamy enough, there are some potential health benefits too.

Sleeping with an elevation - even slight - is thought to help with: sleep apnea & snoring (allowing for a more open airway & better airflow), acid reflux & heartburn (a slight upward tilt helps symptoms), reducing back pain (helping with proper alignment), easing insomnia (by being in a comfortable & restful position), enhancing circulation (further reducing pressure), lighten leg swelling (by elevating your legs), and even relieving arthritis and chronic pain (by reducing unnecessary pressure on your joints).

Before making a purchase, discuss with your doctor whether an adjustable mattress is a right fit for you.

Watch our adjustable base commercial below:

Iron Bed Frames

Wesley Allen

Wesley Allen is the leading manufacturer and designer of expressive and eclectic iron furniture. Similar to us, they have a track record for superior quality and continue to deliver affordability without sacrifice to quality and aesthetics. They only use premium materials to ensure that their furniture withstands time - it's no wonder we're such good partners!

Visit our showroom so you can choose from more than 100 different styles of iron bed frames and headboards, and 40 different hand-applied finishes. More good news? We offer delivery and set up, too.

Mattress Pads


Use protection... on your mattress. It just makes sense to protect your investment, leaving your expensive mattress as pristine as the day you bought it! We support USA-made (specifically NJ made!) products that are superior. Meet: SlumberShield. Our provider of machine washable mattress pads. Unlike other waterproof protectors, the breathe-a-Barrier® Fluid-Proof Technology allows body heat to pass through it and provide a luxurious and cool sleep surface. Not only is it durable, but it's also thin enough that it does not change the comfort or feel of the mattress while protecting against dust mites, allergens and even stains. Every mattress deserves to be protected - but especially a Shovlin®!


BedGear Performance Bedding

A Shovlin mattress deserves a quality pillow to ensure you sleep deeper and better. It is just as important to support your head, neck and shoulders, as it is the rest of your body as you sleep. Like our mattresses, these pillows have a following of their own! The BedGear Storm Series pillow features four different comfort levels, supporting a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper and multi-position sleeper.

The pillow's unique dual chamber construction features a foam crown & foam blend which ensures weightless pressure relief that won’t bottom out so you get soft support with no rebound. The climate-control fabric provides a cool-to-touch feeling & continuous heat deflection, regulating your body temperature for a cooler night's rest. The ventilated panels increase airflow and feature a filter fabric which prevents allergens and dander from entering the pillow core. Cleaning and care is as easy as it gets, as the covers are removable and washable.

Good luck getting out of bed in the morning!

Removable 2" Pillow Tops

Shovlin Mattress Factory

There is no such thing as too soft or too plush! Years ago we had a customer ask how to make their plush one-sided mattress even plusher. As our saying goes: you ask, we deliver! And that's how our popular Shovlin removable pillow tops were created. A one-customer request has now become a top seller. Aside from adding supreme comfort, the extra pillow top padding alleviates pressure off of hips, shoulders and knees while still providing a firm support. A win win, for many sleepers out there...

Unlike our competitors we can make pillow tops for any shape and size mattress. We handcraft and manufacture pillow tops for sleeper sofas, boat mattresses, futons - you name it. As we always say: you ask and we deliver!

Learn About Financing Options

We believe quality sleep is well worth the investment. We provide financing options for 12 or 18 months, subject to approved credit.
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