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3 Reasons Why A Bed-In-A-Box Is A Box Full of Trouble

We understand, life is complicated, busy and stressful. Buying everything online has gone from being a nice-to-have to a daily necessity in today’s world. And who doesn’t love cute mascots like a friendly ghost or shades of violet?

But when it comes to mattresses, we have to stand firm… online just doesn’t cut it. Here’s why.


When you’re shopping for a mattress, it’s like shopping for a partner. You want to find the best fit. No compromises, no shortcuts. You’re going to live with this thing for a while, so you’d better get it right. 

While online mattress manufacturers make it seem like you can just swipe left and swipe right until you find your match, the reality is you’ll never know how a mattress truly feels until you spend a night with it. 

Plus, personally, we’re not huge fans of first-night stands.


As if a “blind-date” with a mattress isn’t enough, you’re also responsible for set-up of the new mattress. Live in a townhouse? Enjoy lugging that thing up to your master bedroom. City-dweller? Good luck. Start Googling chiropractors. 

Not to mention, you’ll also need to dispose of your old mattress. If you thought lifting a mattress to put sheets on was annoying, wait until you need to lug your mattress out to the curb, and pay your disposal company extra to dispose of it for you. (PS: Shovlin handles ALL of this for you.)


Since beds-in-a-box are meant to be highly compressed into a box, you’re stuck with foam, foam and more foam. That might not sound bad but wait until you sit down on the edge of the bed. You’ll be getting a sinking feeling for sure. There’ll be no reinforcement to keep you from squishing down the entire mattress. (Did we mention that 3 of our Shovlin collections are built with steel supports to keep the sides firm?)

What’s more, memory foam sleeps hot. It doesn’t matter if it’s “gel” memory foam or some other marketing term, it’s going to make you hot. If you sleep hot, stay away. Instead, check out our mattresses that are made of hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly all-natural material that will keep you cool all night long.


Get offline and come visit our showroom! You’ll be able to check out all of our mattress collections, and find out what works best for you and your needs. And don’t forget to ask for a tour of our on-site factory, so you can see where all the magic happens.

Plus, since all of our mattresses are custom made-to-order, you can choose the exact amount of firmness that you want.

Give us a ring and let us know when you want to swing by… we’ll be ready! 908-322-4178

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