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4 Reasons You Should Buy An Innerspring Mattress in 2020

Let’s face it – you’re constantly bombarded with new styles of mattresses, from bed-in-a-box to color-branded mattresses, it seems like there’s a new innovation every year. However, just because there’s something new and flashy, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for you. In fact, it might just end up being a pain in your back (literally).

At Shovlin, we don’t just make mattresses, we craft sleeping experiences. Since we’ve been in the industry for decades, we’ve seen all of the mattress fads come and go, (anyone remember waterbeds?), and we know what works and what doesn’t.

Let’s chat about innerspring mattresses, and why we’re still a fan of them in 2020:

Innersprings Are Durable

There’s a reason why innersprings have been used in mattresses for the past 100 years. They work. End of blog post. Mic drop… just kidding.

But on a more serious note, Shovlin’s Traditional Innerspring Collection will last substantially longer (wink, wink) than competing innerspring mattresses and all of the beds-in-a-box combined (but don’t hold us to that last part… for legal reasons).

Why? Because Shovlin is one of the few mattress manufacturers that still makes two-sided innerspring mattresses. You can flip your mattress and still have the same amazing sleeping experience. Flipping matters because it allows the other side of the mattress to recover to their original shape, which means it will last longer and help you sleep better!

What’s more, our innersprings aren’t the cheap springs that most manufacturers use, (and charge you more for). We use heavy-gauge innersprings that conform to your sleeping position, helping you stay asleep longer and feel better in the morning.

Innersprings Are Cool

No, we’re not trying to bring cool (or fetch) back, but it’s no secret that innerspring mattresses breathe much more. Sure, that new memory foam mattress from that friendly ghost might feel great in the winter and spring months, (after that weird smell goes away), but in the summer, it’ll be a different story.
The Traditional Innerspring Collection has space between innerspring coils, promoting airflow and helping keep you cool in the warmer months.

Innersprings Don’t Sink

No one likes a sinking feeling when they’re laying down in bed. Unlike many cheaply-made memory foam mattresses, Shovlin’s Traditional Innerspring Collection doesn’t make you feel like you’re falling inside the mattress.

Since we use high-quality, 368 double off set, 12.75″ gauge coils, (the higher the number the thinner it is, most current manufacturers use a 15 or 16 gauge), our mattresses will give you the support you expect by shifting and flexing to contour with your body with no sag or sinking.

Did we also mention the edges? Have you noticed that the first place you’ll notice wear & tear on a mattress is by it’s sinking edges? Ours don’t. Because all four mattress edges are supported by steel edge guards, preventing the sides from sagging!

Shovlin Innersprings Are Custom

You’re unique and special. That means your mattress should be, too. While many out-of-the-box and low-cost manufacturers make just a few different styles of mattresses, our Shovlin mattresses are made to order.
So, when you come to our showroom, that means you can test out beds, and then make some tweaks and adjustments. Like the Classic Plus but want it to be a little less firm? We can do that. Want to sleep on a mattress reminiscent of granite? We can do that, too.

Ultimately, each of our Traditional Innerspring Collection can be customized to your exact specifications and needs, creating a sleep experience unlike any other for you.

The Bottom Line

While mattress fads like beds-in-a-box come and go, our Traditional Innerspring Collection will give you an amazing night’s sleep, with great value included.

Come in and check out our showroom. We’d love to give you a guided tour of our entire Shovlin Mattress collections, and help you pick out the mattress of your (literal) dreams.

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