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Get Your Eight Hours of Sleep In: Tips For a Full Night’s Rest

You’ve had a long day, you’re beyond exhausted and all you want is to collapse onto your bed and hibernate until the end of the century. Despite this exhaustion, you find yourself falling in and out of sleep, tossing and turning all night. Here are some tips to help you achieve that full night’s rest so you have the energy to power through the next day.

Get Some Sunshine

Your body operates in a rhythm that switches between sleep and awake, driven by your exposure to sunlight. Especially if your job requires you to stay indoors for a majority of the day, it’s crucial to find a way to expose yourself to natural sunlight to ensure your cycle stays on track. Not only does this give your body more energy, but it also helps you sleep better throughout the night.

Cut Down on Daytime Naps

We all regret not taking advantage of those daytime naps we were offered as kids. As adults, we sometimes find time in our day to doze off for a short period of time to get us through the rest of the day. As helpful as they may seem, naps can make it much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Take a Relaxing Bath

Any activity you do before going to sleep should be working towards a goal of winding down and clearing away stress. Activities like taking a calming bath or shower are great for washing away your worries and putting yourself in the mindset to sleep.

Exercise Regularly

Getting that time in at the gym is not only good for your general health but can also improve your sleep at night. However, vigorously exercising before bed can have the opposite effect and make it harder to sleep.

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