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Good Mattresses for an Aged Body

As we grow older, aches and pains increasingly interfere with our daily lives. Sleep should be the one reprieve from stiff joints and creaky bones, but all too often aging people wake feeling even worse. An old or ill-fitted mattress can do more than prevent a good night’s sleep; it may be the catalyst to some of your deepest body pains. As you grow older, don’t brush off your aches to a sign of growing old. Take steps to better your situation and enhance your comfort with the right mattress.

Innerspring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses are an oldie, but goodie. Higher-end mattresses are made with an abundance of springs, while lower-grade mattresses don’t come with as much support. If you’ve been sleeping on an old innerspring mattress, your coils have likely grown to be unsupportive and are no longer strong enough to evenly distribute your body weight.

Latex Mattresses

If your back pains are eased by firmer mattresses, a latex mattress might be right for you. They tend to be a bit firmer than memory foam mattresses, and do not generate as much heat. Latex will keep you cool during the nights while relieving an achy spine.

Adjustable Beds (Power Bases)

For a more luxurious option, try an adjustable bed. If you have trouble getting out of bed, or you suffer from sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, an adjustable bed could do wonders for your condition. Before making a purchase, discuss with your doctor about whether an adjustable mattress is a right fit for you.

As you age, your sleep preferences become more and more personal. Stop into Shovlin Mattress Factory to try out several different options for your aging spine. We’ll fit you with the right mattress, at the right price, easing the pains of aging. Contact us today!

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