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Sleep and Recovery: Why Athletes Need a Good Mattress

Sleep is a crucial component to any person’s day, but for athletes, a night of healthy sleep is absolutely essential to their physical health and recovery process. Studies have shown that a healthy sleep cycle improves overall athletic performance. With the right amount of sleep, a body can easily enter the REM stage of its sleep cycle, providing energy to the body and brain, while releasing the proper hormones to heal overworked bodies.

For optimal performance, athletes rely on whatever they can to speed up recovery and boost their health. That’s why a good mattress should be a top priority for athletes. One of the best things a person can do to support their active lifestyle is improving their sleep pattern.

Spinal Protection

Pain can completely disrupt a person’s sleep. Tossing and turning in attempts to get comfortable diminishes the value of a restorative rest. Protecting your back during sleep is a must for all athletes. Mattresses that provide an extra level of lumbar support are perfect for keeping your fitness in check. A mattress should keep a person’s hips and shoulders from sinking too low, while preserving the natural position of the spine.

Protection from Injury

Athletes that sleep less than six hours per night are more likely to suffer from fatigue-related injuries. When a person is fatigued, both their muscle glycogen and plasma glucose concentration levels are reduced. If an athlete can’t meet the demands of their sport, injuries are likely to result. A good night’s rest will allow a body to fully recover and gain enough strength to continue working the following day.

Clearing the Mind

Sleep deprivation can also have damaging effects on brain cell activity – whether or not you are an athlete. When you’re tired, neurons in the brain send signals at slower speeds. Slow neuron signals will result in reduced decision-making skills and reaction times. As an athlete, quick thinking and fast movements are essential to any sport.

If you’re an athlete suffering from uncomfortable sleeping positions, it’s time to upgrade your mattress. Once a professional at Shovlin Mattress Factory matches you to the perfect mattress type, you’ll be well on your way to recovery.

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