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Why Your Back is Begging You For An Adjustable Bed Base

So you’re looking to get a new bed? Great choice.

Adults need about 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but about 35% of us aren’t getting it. Why? Let’s dive in.

Generally, it’s a matter of not having a high-quality bed. Adjustable bed bases (paired, of course, with Shovlin mattresses) are one of the most important parts of getting on a great sleep schedule. Here’s why we think that adjustable bed bases are a great way to help you get the best sleep of your life (paired with a Shovlin mattress, of course). 

Tons of Amazing Health Benefits

Elevating your personal comfort (literally) doesn’t just mean a long night’s sleep. It means a better quality one so that your health can thrive. Some suggested health benefits of the elevation you get with an adjustable bed base include:

  • Help with snoring and sleep apnea (because of the open airway and better airflow)
  • Limited acid reflux and heartburn (slight upward tilt helps symptoms)
  • Reduced back pain (because of individualized spine alignment)
  • Eased insomnia (because of the comfortable, restful position)
  • Better circulation (due to less pressure)
  • Less leg swelling (after leg elevation)
  • Relief for chronic pain and arthritis (by reducing unnecessary joint pressure)

Greater Versatility

Adjustable bed bases move to any position you want with a simple button touch. 

You can read easily in your bed and get in a few exciting chapters of your current novel. Movies and TV shows are also easy to watch while lounging. Plus, you and your loved one can have more comfortable pillow talk, so it’s great for both single people and couples. It’s also great for reading books to the kids and having them join in comfortably, too!

Tons of Top-Notch Options

You might think that a family-run business like Shovlin won’t have the same mattress range that competitors have, but nope. We have a wide variety of adjustable bed frames, so you’ll have no problem finding something that fits with your Shovlin mattress.

Plus, since we’re partnered with Leggett & Platt, you know that you’re getting the best bed on the market. We’re not going to sell you the cheap stuff, that you may see everywhere online, because we know how much it stinks to have something break.

Shop for Adjustable Bed Bases Today

Now that you know all the basics of adjustable bed bases, you probably want to start browsing your options. But hold up – you don’t want to buy a mattress over the internet! You need to try it out first to make sure it’s the right fit for you! Our adjustable bed bases have an incredible range of features, including USB ports, massage features, lights and more. You’ll want to swing by to check out all of the options to see what’s the perfect adjustable bed base for you!

We’re happy to welcome you into our showroom. We also are pumped to answer all of your pressing questions, so contact us today at (908) 322-4178 before hopping in your car and driving over. Plus, ask to get a tour of our mattress factory, which is directly behind our showroom. We make mattresses the classic way – no cutting corners or costs.

PS: Check out our awesome Valentine’s Day adjustable bed base video:

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