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Can Mattresses Cause Hip Pain?

If you’ve ever woken up with a sore hip and couldn’t place what recent activity could be the culprit – you may not need to look much farther than your own mattress.

Mattresses that aren’t right for your body can trigger pressure points, including the hip, that result in persistent pain come morning. Those that sleep on their sides are at the highest risk for suffering from an ill-suited mattress. Because pressure points are activated in places where the most weight is concentrated on the mattress, side sleepers will find that the hip can bear the brunt of pressure.

One of the most common reasons a mattress will cause hip pain? It’s simply too old, and its interior no longer supports your body the way that it used to. You can also start to notice hip pain from a new mattress that is too hard for your body and doesn’t provide any contour or cushion to the hips.

Hip pain caused by a mattress isn’t something to ignore. Your pain can turn into the chronic variety that keeps you up night after night. If an old, outdated mattress is to blame for your hip pain, the best long-term solution is likely to replace the mattress. You can determine if your mattress is the problem by monitoring how you feel after sleeping on a different bed or on your couch. Did you get a restful night’s sleep after your stay at the in-laws? You know it’s your mattress.

If it’s time to switch out your mattress, you should settle on a type that’s best suited for hip pain relief.

Contrary to popular belief, harder mattresses aren’t always the best remedy for those that suffer from this kind of pain.

Rather, your best bet is likely soft, contour mattresses like latex. These are the mattresses that will form and mold to the body, providing cushioning and support all night long. These mattresses also help to evenly distribute body weight, so that pressure isn’t concentrated at the hip when sleeping on your side. The ideal mattress to prevent hip pain is one that will support the back while alleviating pressure from the hips, and these two styles of mattress are the best at doing just that.

Make sure your mattress always affords you a restful, pain-free night of sleep. To learn more about which specific mattress model can best mitigate your risk of hip pain, reach out to the mattress experts at Shovlin Mattress Factory today!

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