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Hard vs. Soft: What Mattress Style Fits Your Needs?

Hard mattresses keep a person aligned, while soft mattresses provide a plush sanctuary for sleep – the debate is endless. Preferences play a major role in our mattress-softness decision, but there are also a few health factors that come into play. The team at Shovlin Mattress Factory are long-held experts in the mattress field and are here to break down some of the pros and cons between hard vs. soft mattresses.

Hard Mattresses

Hard mattresses keep your spine neutral and body straighter as you sleep. This, in turn, reduces the pressure on your internal systems, allowing functions to flow better throughout the body. With a straight and aligned back, your body can inhale more oxygen, digest more easily, and circulate blood at optimal efficiency.

While these health factors are great indications of the benefits of a harder mattress, we can’t ignore some of the major cons. Our bodies are naturally drawn to comfortable, soft substances – making a hard mattress tough to adjust to at first. If the mattress is too firm, you may experience pressure in areas such as the hips, shoulders, and knees. Due to this pressure, it may cause more tossing and turning, resulting in a less restful night’s sleep.

Soft Mattresses

Softer mattresses provide a level of softness and comfort that we cannot ignore. These mattresses are also ideal for people experiencing excessive joint pain. If you tend to sleep on your side or in a fetal position, a plush mattress will lift into your unsupported areas, and cater to your exact sleeping position.

On the other hand, soft mattresses typically put a spine out of alignment. Since the mattresses are already soft, over time it will only grow more unsupportive. Softer mattresses limit the movement of the body, causing the sleeper to exert muscles to stabilize their body as they sleep. In turn, they will not experience as deep of a sleep as they should be getting.

If you’re still unsure which mattress type is best for you, stop in to see the team at Shovlin Mattress Factory. We are a family-owned NJ mattress manufacturer, and pride ourselves in our ability to satisfy our customers.

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