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The Argument for Ditching Your Phone Alarm and Getting an Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks used to be an essential everyday piece of technology, but they have since been replaced by another ubiquitous option: the smartphone. Smartphones have largely become the people’s choice for wake-up calls… but is there a case for switching back to an old-school alarm clock? Read on for our take on this debate, and the argument for ditching your phone alarm for an alarm clock.

Alarm clocks are a simple tool with two, connected jobs. They tell the time and they alert you when a certain time has come. This simplicity, combined with a range of designs, makes an alarm clock a bedroom staple that many homes are missing due to smartphones. However, traditional alarm clocks should not be overlooked, as they have a few advantages over smartphones.

Here are three reasons to start using a traditional alarm clock instead of your smartphone alarm:

They only have one function.

Unlike an aging or frozen smartphone, it’s pretty difficult for a traditional alarm clock to experience technological errors and glitches. Have you ever experienced the horrifying realization that you’ve overslept and then you check your phone, only to find that your alarm wasn’t set, or that your phone has frozen or died overnight? Have no fear when you use a traditional alarm clock. They have one sole purpose—to ring an alarm at a set time—and have less room for error than a smartphone.

They help with sleep hygiene.

Keeping your phone out of the bedroom will create a more peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to rest. Your brain won’t be subconsciously wanting to check emails or be distracted by notifications. When you leave your phone in another room, such as the kitchen, you won’t be inclined to stay online later than intended, guaranteeing a great night’s sleep. Plus, the blue light emanating from your phone screen can mess with your circadian rhythm. Learn more about how light exposure can affect your sleep in our previous blog.

They make for great home décor.

Complete your bedroom’s look with a classy alarm clock. No matter your style or personal taste in home décor, there’s an alarm clock for everyone. Check out these chic offerings from HGTV for one that fits with your interior design aesthetic. Let your design savvy shine!

In addition to the perfect alarm clock, you can make your bedroom an idyllic sleep haven with the perfect mattress. Start your journey to better sleep with Shovlin Mattress Factory—contact us today to make your dreams come true!

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