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How Do I Dispose of an Old Mattress?

When it’s time to say goodbye to your old mattress, what do you do? Your mattress won’t fit in your garbage can (just a hunch), and chances are your neighbors won’t appreciate a mattress placed at the curb, either (in many cities, this is against municipal policy anyway). Plus, hauling out an old mattress yourself is no easy feat, and could result in an injury.

So, what’s a mattress owner to do?

The most considerate, convenient, and environmentally-friendly option for disposing of an old mattress is working with a company that specializes in mattress disposal. You can properly get rid of your old mattress by arranging for one of these organizations to pick-up your mattress at your home. Most will provide you with an appointment window and will arrive at your home to pick up the mattress within that time frame. Make sure that the mattress is in a location that’s easy for the crew to reach and remove at the time of pickup.

Many of these organizations strive to recycle mattresses whenever possible. If your mattress is in good condition (perhaps you need it removed because you upgraded to a larger mattress, rather than because the mattress is too old), the organization will look to give it away to those in need. If the mattress isn’t salvageable for recycling in one piece, they may be able to recycle the mattress for its parts. They can dissect the mattress to remove its metal, wood, and other materials for recycling individually.

Mattress disposal organizations are great options to consider, but you can also ask the company from which you’ve ordered your new mattress if they’ll take your old mattress at the time of pickup. Many will!

If you have a specific charity in mind that you’d like to support, you could also reach out to them directly. For example, charities like the Salvation Army and Habitat for Humanity are typically known for accepting mattress donations. However, depending on your local branch, you may need to drop off the mattress at their location yourself. A full list of charities known for accepting mattresses can be found here.

Did you know? Amazon will also pick up mattresses, for a cost of about $50.

Whether you decide to work with a mattress disposal company, your next mattress provider, a charity, or even Amazon, what’s important is that you’ve chosen a proper channel for disposal – and that’s enough to earn you a good night’s sleep!

Have more questions about disposing of a mattress or buying a new one? Reach out to the mattress experts at Shovlin Mattress Factory. We’re always happy to help.

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