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The Importance of Having a Good Bed Frame

Getting a good night’s sleep is often attributed to mattress quality. But the bed frame that mattress sits upon can play just as important of a role. The bed frame is the foundation of the mattress, and without a quality frame in which to place your mattress, sleep can be disturbed by squeaking, creaking, sliding, and more.

One of a bed frame’s primary purposes is to hold your mattress in place. That’s why you don’t want a frame that’s too big or too small for your mattress, because it will inevitably cause unnecessary shifting and sliding as you move around in bed. This means mornings waking up to disheveled sheets, pillows sliding down into cracks, or, if the frame is too small, the unsafe scenario of the mattress hanging off the bed frame.

Bed frames also need to be able to physically support the weight of a mattress. As today’s mattresses evolve with heavier materials and more layers, the need for sturdy frames is as important as ever. A weak bed frame could allow the mattress to sag or result in instabilities that require a premature frame replacement. When a quality bed frame is selected, it decreases the odds you’ll have to replace the frame as quickly as you replace the mattress, which saves you money.

To gain that long-lasting support and durability, look for bed frames made with high-quality materials, like metals (wrought iron), or solid hardwoods (oak, walnut, maple).

You will also want a frame that makes sense for your storage needs. Bed frames can create new opportunities for storage if they’re raised, and some bed frames can be purchased with storage drawers built in. Note that some frames also come with adjustable height features or can be elevated with simple bed risers placed beneath each corner of the bed.

Bed frames can also change the look and feel of your bedroom depending on the style you select. For example, canopy bed frames can serve as statement pieces in bedrooms and draw the eye upward, while upholstered beds can draw the eye down to the frame and add a touch of texture and pattern to an otherwise neutrally-styled room.

Other Aspects to Consider: Look for bedframes that have rollers on them if there’s a chance you could be rearranging your room. You don’t want to damage your floors beneath, and let’s be honest – rollers mean less work for you!

There are also bedframes that can adjust to different sizes of mattresses, such as transitioning from a twin bed to a full bed. This can be particularly advantageous for those with kids, as they tend to outgrow mattress sizes more quickly.

As you set out to furnish, renovate, or update your bedroom, think of mattresses and bedframes as a dynamic duo. Your great night’s sleep depends on choosing quality options for each! To find the perfect mattress and bedframe for your needs, contact Shovlin Mattress Factory today.

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