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How Your Daily Habits Affect Your Sleep

Human beings are creatures of habit. Our routines shape everything, from our morning commutes to our weeknight TV time (and everything in between). But how exactly do our daily habits affect our sleep? Read on for more details from our latest blog.


It’s no surprise that this is one of the most commonly prescribed tips for maintaining good sleep. As soon as you make it a habit to wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, your body will eventually adapt to a new routine. Ideally, consistency requires maintaining the same sleep schedule, even on weekends and vacations. Although that may sound tough at first, having a daily bedtime routine provides hassle-free structure and ensures great quality sleep every night. 


The things that we consume each day—food, caffeine, alcohol, even certain medications—have a huge impact on our sleep quality. It’s especially important to monitor what we eat and drink closer to bedtime; having caffeine, alcohol, or a large dinner in the evening can disrupt our sleep later that night. Fortunately, some simple swaps can make a world of difference. Try a light, healthy snack if you’re hungry at night, and opt for herbal teas, warm milk, or hot cocoa rather than coffee or alcohol. On that note though, remember to gradually reduce your fluid intake before heading to sleep!


Similar to diet, sufficient exercise is a healthy habit that can make or break your sleep at night. Daily physical activity, even ten minutes of aerobic activity, increases your sleep duration and improves its quality. Additionally, exercising outdoors allows your body to reap the benefits of sunlight and fresh air. Contrary to popular belief, working out in the evening won’t necessarily keep you up—there is no universal consensus on the best time of day to exercise. Schedule your daily routine based on what works best for you.

Light Exposure

Getting an ample amount of natural light each day calibrates our internal biological clocks known as circadian rhythms. Artificial light, such as light emitted from phone/computer/TV screens, disrupts our typical 24-hour cycle and affects a number of key bodily functions including hormone production and cell regulation. Kick the habit of using artificially lit screens at night—limit phone and TV usage to one hour before bedtime—and watch your sleep quality vastly improve.

Aside from switching up your daily habits, a high-quality mattress can help improve your sleeping experience.  Are you looking for a new haven for sleep? Shovlin Mattress Factory has a range of quality mattresses, fit for any type of sleeper. Having a comfortable mattress gives you something you can regularly look forward to after the stresses of each day.

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