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Need a Midday Snooze? Here’s the Best Way to Nap

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Nap

Sometimes the sleep we get at night just doesn’t cut it. We’ve all been there. You’re trying to power through your day moving from one task to another, but you find yourself moving slower and slower as the tiredness sets in. Naps aren’t just for children and can be a great way to get that much-needed boost of energy to power you through the rest of your day. However, if done wrong, naps can make you more tired. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your midday nap.

Know Your Nap Limit

The thing with naps is that they should either be short or long – there’s no in-between. A short nap, lasting only 25-30 minutes, gives your body extra rest without allowing you to fall into a deep sleep. If you make the mistake of napping for a bit too long and only entering deep sleep for a short amount of time, you could wake up more tired than you were to begin with. Long naps, however, last around 90 minutes and allow your body to enter REM sleep and complete a normal sleep cycle. This can help you recover from lost sleep and even enhance your creativity.

Try a Nappuccino

Love coffee and naps? We’ve got good news for you – they’re actually a dream team. Since caffeine takes around 20 minutes to kick in, drinking some before a quick nap gives it time to kick in while you sleep. The result? You wake up refreshed from your nap with the extra caffeine boost to propel you forward.

Do Some Pre-Nap Meditation

Nothing is more frustrating than being tired out of your mind, settling down to take a nap and then suddenly becoming overwhelmed with thoughts and random energy. Meditation to the rescue! Take some time to calm your mind with controlled breathing or visualizing a calming environment. Even listening to some relaxing white noise can help you get completely into nap mode. Make sure you’re in a comfortable environment as well ((.e., comfy pillows, mattresses, etc.).

Align Naps with Your Sleep Schedule

While it may not make sense immediately, oversleeping can leave you more tired than energized. The same can be said for not napping for the right amount of time. When timing your naps, try and consider your sleep schedule. For example, if you’re up and at ’em at 8 am, you probably shouldn’t be taking a nap at 12 pm. Your nap should be situated comfortably in between the time you woke up and the time you anticipate going to sleep.

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