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Reasons Why Better Sleep Will Change Your Life

The notion that sleep is essential to one’s well-being is nothing new. Sleep promotes a better lifestyle and more productive days. While we are all well aware of what sleep does to benefit our daily lives, few of us know how it’s actually helping.

Check out these reasons why a good night’s rest could change your entire life.

Boost Your Immune System: Certain disease-fighting substances are active only while we sleep. Sleep deprivation hinders the production of these necessary hormones, proteins, and chemicals that help to fight off diseases.

Burning Calories: Many people do not realize this, but our bodies are burning calories even as we sleep. Lack of sleep also impacts the balance of the hormones that affect a person’s appetite. Getting a good night’s sleep will allow us to continue to burn calories, curb those late-night cravings, and keep overeating to a minimum the next day.

Help Fight Pain: In order to drift into a deep sleep, our nervous system needs to calm down. If a person has chronic pain, it will interfere with how well they are able to nod off. If your mattress is contributing to this pain, the lack of sleep will be a disrupting cycle.

Healthy Hearts: Lack of sleep has been associated with worsened blood pressure, cholesterol, and other risk factors associated with heart disease. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night will strengthen your heart’s functions.

Keep Your Memory Sharp: Sleep gives your mind time to process the events of the day. As you drift into a deep sleep, your brain is able to make memories and sensory links. If we don’t give our brain time to fall into a deep sleep, our memory and thinking patterns will be affected.

Restore and Repair: While you sleep, your body has more energy to repair your systems from the damages caused by stress, exhaustion, and harmful exposure. More protein is produced from each cell during sleep, giving them the opportunity to restore themselves.

Proper sleep patterns have the power to transform our entire lives. If your sleep is continually being disrupted, it’s likely time for a new mattress. Stop by Shovlin Mattress Factory; our experts will fit you with the right mattress for your sleeping concerns. When you start to sleep right, your entire well-being will benefit.

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