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Can Exercise, or Lack of, Affect My Sleep?

As part of a healthy lifestyle, exercise and sleep are up there as two of the most important habits.  While people are encouraged to get up and move, we don’t hear too much about how this habit affects sleep. In this post, we will dive into how exercise, or lack thereof, could affect a person’s slumber.

Effect of Exercise

Exercise is a natural remedy for insomnia. Getting an ample amount of activity in throughout the day improves the quality of your sleep while increasing sleep duration. Regular exercise will strengthen your circadian rhythms to promote more alertness in the daytime while promoting better sleep at night. However, research shows that the benefit of exercise on sleep is not an immediate reaction. In fact, it may take several weeks of regular exercise to alter a person’s sleeping habits significantly.

It should also be noted that exercising too close to bedtime will increase your adrenaline and make it difficult to fall asleep. When your brain activity is heightened, falling asleep can be a chore.

Effect of Lack of Exercise

Taking an even more in-depth look, researchers have found that exercise promotes a rested sleep, while a lack of exercise diminishes its quality. If you spend the day sluggishly sitting around, when it’s time to fall asleep at night, your mind will refuse to. In fact, in the case of children, it is said that every hour of inactivity adds three minutes to the time it takes them to fall asleep. For children and adults alike, proper exercise is absolutely essential to a night of healthy sleep.

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