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Ways to Incorporate a Spare Bedroom Without a Dedicated Guest Room

As we approach the holiday season, planning for overnight guests and out-of-town visitors is becoming crucial. Even without a dedicated guest room, there are several creative fixes to turn any space into a viable option. Check out our tips for how to incorporate a spare bedroom without a dedicated guest room.

Multipurpose Furniture

If you’re limited on space or need to combine rooms, invest in multipurpose furniture. Instead of a typical armchair or sofa, find a guest bed in the form of a futon or daybed that doubles as a couch. With so many delightful designs on the market, this is an easy way to incorporate a stylish spare bed while hiding it in plain sight.

Clear A Space

Clearing a space for your guests can help them to feel more at home even without a dedicated guest room. Have a designated spot where they can store their luggage as this will help combat messiness ahead of time. Even if you can only offer a small section of your living room to overnight guests, you can still get creative while creating privacy for them! A simple and budget-friendly DIY option is a floor-length, ceiling-mounted curtain; aside from easy installation, this is a simple and stress-free way to hide a spare bed. Another way to section off rooms in your home is to use dividers. There are many elegant options—shuttered, rustic, Shoji, even photo-frame panels—that can carve a guest room out of thin air. 

Spruce Up Living Room

Without even setting up physical dividers, you can convert your living room into a guest room by adding thoughtful bedroom-like amenities ahead of time. Make sure that your guests are cozy, and their space is well-stocked with necessities, such as power outlets, a lamp next to the spare bed, extra towels, blankets, and pillows, and other homey touches. With enough care and attention, your living room will be transformed into a haven for your visitors.

Convert Your Office

Let’s say you don’t want to trip over anyone in the living room. If you have the space, converting a home office into a guest room opens up numerous design-centric possibilities. Installing a loft bed over a desk is a great way to integrate a spare twin-sized mattress into your office—simply place a desk and shelving below and install ladder access (along with a safety rail for kids and guests with limited mobility). Alternatively, you can incorporate a Murphy bed with built-in storage or a fold out desk on the opposite side. This is also an effective option for a home library, with a library ladder fitting the theme and adding a functional touch.

Whether or not you have a designated guest room, reach out to our team at Shovlin Mattress Factory today! We’ll work with you to find the ideal mattress for any guest.

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