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Getting Sufficient Sleep While Working From Home

As we’ve been sharing in our prior blog posts, now more than ever, it’s crucial to get high-quality sleep (and enough of it). But have you noticed your sleep habits changing significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those of you who are now working from home?

Whether you’re sleeping 8 hours a day or you’re lying awake every night, we’ve got the tips and ideas to consider as we all navigate these unprecedented times. Read on to discover how you can get sufficient sleep while working from home.

How WFH May Be Working Against Your Sleep

Don’t get us wrong—there are so many great things about working from home! From eliminating long morning commutes and sitting in traffic to having easy access to snacks all day long, WFH presents a plethora of excellent advantages.

However, all that glitters isn’t gold. This sudden shift in mandatory nationwide remote work does come with some cons, the most obvious being the hit your daily routine and sleep hygiene may be taking.

Here are some suggestions for safeguarding sleep when the workplace has set up camp in your lounge, home office, or bedroom:

  • Keep your routines on track – Routine, routine, routine! It’s no surprise that we’re mentioning this tip once again, as it’s well documented that consistency is key. With more time spent lounging at home, it may be tempting to binge new shows all evening and push your bedtime even later—or sleep in after your multiple alarms—but consider the havoc you’re wreaking on your well-established daily routine. Try to maintain the same sleep schedule, even on weekends, so it complements your circadian rhythm.
  • Get enough light, exercise, and social (distanced) interaction – Speaking of circadian rhythm, we believe it’s essential to get an ample amount of natural light during the day, even while working from home. This is because artificial light emitted by screens can disrupt our typical 24-hour cycle, whereas natural light can help calibrate it. It’s equally important to maintain an active lifestyle and active social life (while following appropriate social distancing guidelines, of course). Prioritizing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being during these times is crucial for providing a healthy amount of structure and relief from stress and anxiety.

Beyond taking these tips to heart, the best way to get sufficient sleep while working from home is to do so on a high-quality mattress. At Shovlin Mattress Factory, we create the mattress of your dreams in-house to match your exact specifications, down to the finest of details. From the superior support and comfort of our Nirvana model to our impressive range of handcrafted innerspring mattresses, there’s a bed that’s perfect for you. We even have Hybrid and Organic mattresses available! Top off your peaceful sleep oasis with our premium bedroom furniture and accessories and experience a great night’s sleep that promises an even better day.

We’re here for you no matter what, and would be happy to help you schedule a no-contact, private appointment at our showroom. Reach out to us anytime to ask about convenient contact-less delivery, custom-made products, interest-free financing, and more!

Take care of yourself, take care of one another, and (most importantly) take care of your sleep. We’ll be here when you need us!

Stop sleeping around… Sleep on a Shovlin!

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