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Financing Your Shovlin Products

You’re lying awake at night. The state of the world has you grappling with insomnia, and it doesn’t help that your mattress just isn’t supporting you in the ways it needs to.

Unfortunately, this scene of restless sleep is all-too-familiar for many of us.

There’s no avoiding it—you need a new mattress, pronto. But during this tricky economic period, is there a way to justify paying for it in full? Is anyone even open? (Hint: We are, and we’re here to help with no-contact purchasing, payment, and delivery!)

Even when your spine is out of alignment, your back pain is screaming, and you toss and turn every night, it still can be a daunting investment. Fortunately, even if you’re not ready to commit to purchasing a mattress outright, there are still workarounds to help you get the mattress you’ve always dreamed of (and the restful sleep your body needs). Meet Shovlin Interest-Free Financing.

Our Special Financing Program

At Shovlin Mattress Factory, we’re dedicated to manufacturing premium quality mattresses and bedding accessories at a lower price than the name brand competition. Our wide range of product pricing aims to accommodate every customer.

We’re also here to help you—no matter what!

As a result, we’re offering special interest-free financing for our mattresses, so you can purchase a top-quality product without committing to a significant outright payment.

Our interest-free financing typically includes 12 months—though, in special-case scenarios, we may allow for an 18-month period.

Why Finance Your Mattress?

Aside from deferring the immediate cost, which deters many customers who may desperately need a new mattress from purchasing one, there are numerous other reasons why you may want to finance.

First, due to COVID-19’s shelter-in-place orders and more homebody-oriented lifestyle, you may be spending more time spring cleaning around the house (or lying in bed—we won’t judge). While rearranging your master suite or guest bedroom, maybe you’ve noticed that that your mattresses are long overdue for a refresh. It’s time to upgrade!

On the other hand, perhaps you’re fortunate enough to have a second home or a vacation getaway down the shore. With summer coming, you’ll want to spend time there by relaxing and recuperating from stress, not tossing and turning all night long. It might be worth financing a mattress now, so you’re worry-free when you show up to your getaway.

Finally, moving season is upon us, and we anticipate that some of you will be making big moves. Whether you’re heading inland from NYC, into the hustle and bustle of Hoboken or Jersey City, or transitioning to a home upstate, down the shore, or elsewhere, we’ve got you covered with our simplified and social distance-approved delivery.

Taking Care of Others by Taking Care of Your Sleep

Here’s the thing—right now, you may be quite reluctant to purchase any big-ticket items without some serious consideration. During these tough times, many of us don’t have the extra cash lying around, or are worried that taking an immediate hit just isn’t feasible. However, now more than ever, it’s critical to prioritize sleep.

There are numerous key factors to staying strong in the face of this pandemic. On top of a well-balanced diet, active lifestyle, and social distancing, sleep has never been so important in helping to maintain your immunity. There’s truly no better time to invest in improving your sleep hygiene than when your health—and the health of your loved ones—depends on it.

With Shovlin Mattress Factory’s wide range of product pricing and special financing options, a great mattress is a tangible luxury item that you can have. From the unrivaled quality of our handcrafted innerspring mattresses to the heavenly balance and support of our Nirvana collection, there’s a product for every preference, lifestyle, and price point. Our Hybrid and Organic lines are also sure to please!

Contact us to schedule a private appointment, where we’ll guide you step-by-step through the entire process. We’d be happy to arrange a no-contact application with you, and can coordinate contact-less delivery right to your door. For now, stay home, stay safe, and stay positive. We’re in this together.

Stop sleeping around… Sleep on a Shovlin!

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