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The Benefits of a Custom Mattress

Your sleep preferences are unique. The kind of mattress you need to get a good night’s sleep probably isn’t the same kind of mattress your neighbor needs. So why stick with standard, one-size-fits-all mattress selections from a traditional retailer or a bed in a box?

With a custom mattress from Shovlin Mattress Factory, you don’t have to compromise.

Your Mattress, as You Like It

By working with a mattress manufacturer to create a custom mattress that meets your specific needs, you gain some key benefits, including:

Accommodate Aches and Pains

Sore back? Achy joints? You want a mattress that supports your body while you sleep, not one that contributes to its pain. For that reason you might need a mattress with specific characteristics that best meet your health needs. A custom mattress buying experience gives you the chance to find exactly what works best for you.

Let Your Partner Keep Their Preference

Rarely do two partners share the same affinity for mattress type. Instead of unending tension about which partner gets to be comfortable, choose a mattress that’s a win-win for both! A custom mattress can be manufactured so that each side is unique. Rest easy at your personal comfort level while your partner dozes off on their own unique firmness level.

Cut Out the Mattress Middle-Man

Nowhere can you buy a mattress directly from the manufacturer. You work with the Shovlin Mattress Factory to identify your specific preferences, and they proceed to make your one-of-a-kind mattress. Because a mattress retailer is not a part of this equation, you can save money! No expense goes to the middle man.

Find the Perfect Fit

Need a great mattress in a size that’s hard to find? A custom mattress can solve the problem, without sacrificing quality. Shovlin Mattress Factory can create custom mattresses in sizes that aren’t as easy to find on other showroom floors, like those for trundle beds, sleeper sofa mattresses, boats, RVs, and antique beds.

Get Better Sleep

When you’re able to bring together all of your favorite mattress qualities into one mattress—thickness, density, material, and size—you wind up with an ideal recipe for rest. Plus, you can rest even easier knowing your partner is happy and that you’ve saved some money, too!

Creating your custom mattress is easy. Start the journey with Shovlin Mattress; our team is ready to help!

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